10 Tattoos with the meaning of freedom

Many people, after going through certain stages or important situations in their life, make decisions that symbolize and represent a significant change in the way of thinking and living. And, in many

Surrealist tattoo: from Breton and Dalí to Paul Booth

Surrealism is one of the most important artistic movements in the history of art. From the works of Breton or the unmistakable paintings of Dalí to our contemporary the tattoo artist Paul Booth, surrealistic

Mexican skull tattoos

Mexican skull tattoos have gained enormous popularity over the past few years. They have a fascinating aesthetic that draws attention, can be customized in many ways, so it does not lose originality

Japanese masks tattoos

Oriental tattoos always have interesting meanings. However, of all these peculiar designs there is one that has particularly drawn my attention for all that it implies: the Japanese masks tattoos. Just

5 Tattoo Techniques

Tattoo technique. Tattoos have existed throughout the history of mankind and in all kinds of cultures and civilizations. Emerging generally associated with religious, mythical or spiritual expressions,

Japanese drawings for tattoos

Japanese art has become one of the most popular styles in the universe of tattoos. Lovers of body art usually adore Japanese designs, as they are the most colorful, ideal to capture on the skin. And

6 Designs of Japanese tattoos that reflect your inner strength

Japanese tattoo. For some people, their tattoos are like scars of war. They boast on their skin as symbols of their failures, victories and experiences. They remind them where they come from and the

Snowflake tattoo – Christmas is here

As of late my accomplice Maria Jose demonstrated to us an intriguing accumulation of Christmas tattoos. Also, is that, simply go for a stroll in any city or town to understand that the Christmas season